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when two of your friends are mad at each other and they ask you to pick a side

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So much ridiculousness this week. Double standard homophobes. Tyra teaches. Sexy commercials. WILLTHEW. And the totally unnecessary abuse of poor Lenox.


My full recap and photos - HERE.

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Before and After Beyoncé features you in one of her songs


Before and After Beyoncé features you in one of her songs

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Anonymous said: question on ANTM (hope you don't mind), but I saw your review. What is the time lapse from when it happened and when it aired? I know production needs to happen, but Will is doing youtube reviews as if he isn't there, so did they do the whole season first, then air it? If so, how does the social media score happen? they show ppl's tweets/videos before one is eliminated as if it was live, so basically I'm confused! And if the whole season has ended, is there a live reveal/party at end? thx!

Of course I don’t mind! They film it several months earlier. During that time, they also post the photos for every model online for people to vote, comment, etc. Every model does every shoot, even if they are eliminated, so fans don’t know what is happening. THEN the show airs, and they use those comments during the episodes. The finale is not live since fans have been voting on every models photo. So we only know what is happening as the show airs. Does that make sense? LOL

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this might be the best consolation prize for that stupid homophobic confrontation

This show, y’all.

Makeovers and DNA tests and I seriously can’t with Romeo. And BEARD WEAVES. And Matthew + Will and the kiss that launched a house full of ignorant comments. ‪#‎TEAMWILLTHEW‬

My ANTM recap - HERE.

“I’m approaching this album the same way I would approach doing a pop album — so that no one feels alienated, so that people who probably wouldn’t buy an inspirational record can feel like, ‘There’s got to be something for me as well on this album.’”

Read my interview with Destiny’s Child diva Michelle Williams, who released new album “Journey to Freedom” this week. It’s a rousing collection of gospel tunes that incorporate everything from electronic and pop elements to hip-hop and R&B.

Interview, photos, video, audio clips - HERE. (Listen to her talk about the secrets to DC3 success and the ’80s group that makes her “stan out.”)

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This show seriously makes me want to hide in a closet sometimes. Witches and frat douches and smize bucket challenges and Silly String and Tyra Banks dressed as Miley Cyrus and MANACONDA.

But I can’t look away. Read my recap HERE.