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Maybe because I recently got married and had my own fierce, fabulous wedding party. But I loved this week’s challenge: bridal makeovers! Except, well. You know. This isn’t just any makeover challenge. It’s a makeover challenge on a show about men who wear dresses. Nothing is ever simple in the land of Ru.

Full recap, with plenty of ridiculousness and past references - HERE.

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The spirit, the soul, the sound of Tejano singer Selena still linger. Her biggest hits - “Amor Prohibido,” “Como la Flor,” “Baila Esta Cumbia” - provide the soundtrack to weddings, birthdays and family barbecues. Her music is in heavy rotation at Mexican restaurants. English-language ballads “Dreaming of You” and “I Could Fall in Love” play in grocery store aisles. In two decades, there has still been nothing quite like the sound of Selena. And her forward-thinking sound continues to impact new generations of fans.

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Look, I know Trinity K. Bonet was in no way/shape/form/hypothetical shante-tuation going to win this show. I get it. Really, I do. And I know this was her third time in the bottom, and unless you absolutely no-holds-barred wipe the floor with the other queen, you are indeed going home.

But wait. Wait. Just wait. OK?

WAIT. How is Joselyn Fox safe this week? I mean, what? Really? She completely offends guests stars Chaz Bono (son of Cher) and Georgia Holt (mother of Cher) by bringing up abortion during a mock interview, gets called out for it AND her runway look — but is safe.


Get my full recap, along with commentary from some of Houston’s best-known trans performers on the impact/implication of the whole she-mail controversy.

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SO MUCH DRAG RACE GOODNESS THIS WEEK. Also, I love Bianca. Also, I love EXPOSÉ. Also, get yo life Trinity K. Bonet. Also, well, read - HERE.

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The Holy Trinity

missin ben



The Holy Trinity

missin ben

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Milk, but I feel like she was cheated. I personally loved her look and approach to the video. Yes, it was RIDICULOUS. But that’s Milk. It was funny and full-on. She was, at the very least, TRYING, both here and by giving something more standardly pretty on the runway.

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My full review of Cher’s D2K Tour second stop in Houston, TX - and more photos: